Hydraulic Pump and Motor Services

Hydraulic pumps and motors play a critical role in your hydraulic system. Ensuring they are up and running provides optimal performance for your hydraulic equipment. The experts at MAKI Services can repair, reseal or order you a new unit for your equipment.


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Hydraulic pumps convert electrical energy into a pressurized fluid creating motion for your hydraulic system. It is critical to ensure your pump works correctly to keep your hydraulic equipment operating smoothly. Things you can watch for to identify when pump repair or maintenance is required include:

  • Unusual sounds coming from the pump

  • Increased heat in your hydraulic system

  • Reduced output or speed of your hydraulic cylinders or motor

Quickly addressing these issues can prevent further damage or failure, saving your time and money. The team at MAKI will get your pumps functioning well once again.

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Hydraulic motors operate using pressurized hydraulic fluid. Fluid pressure converts into rotary motion powering your hydraulic components. Considerations that may indicate :

  • How well does the surface area stand up to force

  • Is there leakage of hydraulic fluid?

  • How sturdy and reliable is the link between the output shaft and pressure surface?

  • Are the seals worn or cracked?

The experts at MAKI will provide necessary repairs, can custom machine parts, and provide high-quality replacement seals that are a perfect fit and make your hydraulic motor perform as it should again.