Welding & Machining Services




MAKI Services offers complete fabrication and welding services. Weldments can be fabricated from customer drawings or can be reproduced from a sample. Quantity is never an issue; customers can order a single unit or a high volume production fabrication order. All metal parts for fabrication are produced on a CNC laser cutting machine and formed on a CNC press brake. If required, MAKI Services offers a turnkey fabrication service, complete with prime and paint.




MAKI Services provides a full range of machining capabilities.

We have a variety of machining equipment in house, which include manual lathes, CNC lathes, drill presses, big bore lathes, CNC milling machines and punch machines. MAKI has the ability to perform all types of machining including general repairs to spindles, drive shafts or any other type of turning or milling requirements.  




Cylinder Gland

MAKI Services offers any type of production related machining and milling. We can design any component or part based on customer’s drawings, or through reverse engineering,  complete with accurate price quotations and samples.


Manual Lathe
CNC Machine
Big Bore Machine
Manual Heavy Duty Machine
Nut Buster

Manual Lathe is ideal for machining any components or parts

Versatile High Speed CNC Turning Machine is for making hydraulic cylinder parts, spindles, shafts, and any other turning part

Big Bore Machine is ideal for any type of large diameter turning or big bore cylinder

Manual Heavy Duty Machine is designed for large scale machining

Nut Buster Cylinder Disassembly and Assembly Table is designed to dismantle and/or assemble large hydraulic cylinders